Boomer as he looks in the series. Age: 10-12.

Boomer is the youngest and weakest of the RowdyRuff Boys. But his title of being the fastest makes up for it. He's the least intelligent of the team.


Boomer isn't actually stupid, but he doesn't tend to think things through usually. He wants to earn respect from his brothers, so he jumps into any seen opportunity without thinking, being the ultimate source of his dumbness, bad trashtalk, etc. Boomer is very naive and can be very easily distracted.

He's submissive, doing what he is told and never really arguing. Even though his polite and innocent nature can be seen as a weakness, Boomer is extremely loyal to his friends/family. It's to the point where he's selfless, never leaving Butch or Brick no matter how much they beat, use or humiliate him.

Fighting StyleEdit

Boomer is a good fighter, though his skill is pretty simplistic and basic. He will, however, team up with his friends to make powerful attacks. Boomer's main talent is his speed, as he can move much faster than his brothers. He relies on his speed in order to deliver fast attacks, though none are as strong as Butch's.

Had he needed to get serious, Boomer would be more on the offensive side. He cares for his friends in battle and heavily relies on his Lightning Bat, which if used right can be used as an edge over his brothers and a really powerful essence in battle.


Mecha Sonic: Boomer states, "I remember him...he's the one I saw in that tape from last year. I...(balls fists w/angry face)I don't like him..."


To be announced...

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