Brick as he looks in the series. Age: 10-12.

Brick is the egotistical leader of the RowdyRuff Boys. He's second strongest next to Butch and the one that orders whatever the boys do.


Of the RowdyRuff Boys, Brick is seen posing the most cockiest, focusing on looking cool and his reputation. He loves to show off and thinks immensely highly of himself. That being said, under that inborn confidence, Brick has been shown to be somewhat humble; listening to his brothers' ideas and expressing how good ideas they are.

Brick's intelligence is solid. He'll remain calm and rational, unless angered or frustrated due to embarrassment. His temper flares out the most out of his brothers and expresses his disinterest more openly. At times, he'll tend to to things that could get the team killed.

Fighting StyleEdit

Brick's combat skill is above average. He handicaps himself by posturing and looking the "best" when fighting. He tends to pull off more risky, unpredictable attacks just to look cool. He is smart enough to keep a backup plan to avoid incapacitating himself. Brick's use of energy-based attacks in battle are more frequent and skilled than his brother's. He can unleash massive Ki beams and guide attacks with energy with ease.

When serious in battle, Brick's raw fighting ability is more brash and flashy. He becomes more straightforward and solid when landing attacks.


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To be announced...

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