Britney as she looks in the series.

Britney M. is the brightest and brains of the Saiyan Shadows. She's the second oldest, behind Jalen.


Being the cousin of Genesis, Jalen, Dalexis and JaLeah, Britney was kept by her parents, as was Rosemary, her younger sister. Growing up, Britney always tried to pace herself and Rosemary on the good path, as she tries IRL(to a degree). When Rosemary was possessed by Vendro, she seeked her friends at the time for help(JaLeah and Dalexis). They soon met Genesis and Jalen and fought to the end against Vendro, after saving Rosemary. Soon enough, they met the RRBs, Marios and Sonic fighters, becoming basic superheroes. She is Rosemary's older half-sister and a Saiyan Half-Blood.


Britney's one of those friends who'd act more like a mother than a friend/sister. She's very sweet and generous around others, shown when she always goes around to help others in need. Britney is known to be nice around most people, no matter the situation at hand. Compared to the rest of the ASDF, or team actually(with the exception of Tails and Shadow). Britney is also known to be very loyal and soft, like her sister.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spirit Element: As the main 4 have their key elements, Britney's focuses more on inner potential and energy sorts of things. She can withdraw and manipulate multiple objects, giving her a weaker version of telekinesis, as well as create a sword made out of energy called Azure Unicorn.

Her other attacks based on other attacks she and her team use.

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