Bubbles from "PowerPuff Girls."

Bubbles is the female counterpart Boomer and is the third and weakest of the group, but strong enough to get by and is very fast.

Universe J-7 BiographyEdit

She, along with her sisters, were created before the School Wars as an attack weapon against the Cousin Trio. But due to unknown circumstances, they were not activated until six years later, where they did Utonium's bidding in saving the town when help was needed. Their true colors were revealed in RowdyRuff Boys, where they were pit against the RowdyRuff Boys and the Saiyan Shadows during the Dimensional Rift Wars. Only defeated by Boomer, she and her sisters were brought back during the PPnK Saga, where the Mario's dished the final blow against them.

Bubbles, along with her sisters and the majority of Townsville were wished back to life with the Dragon Balls at the end of the PPNKG Saga, after the PowerPunks were beaten. The Girls then gained some good features and lived with Ms. Keane, the new Pokey Oaks teacher.

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