Butch is the strongest of the RowdyRuff Boys and by far the strongest of the Heroes. His bloodthirsty taste for battle compliments his Saiyan genes.

Butch as he looks in the series. Age: 10-12.


Butch is the simplest and most focused on having fun. He'll act crazy at times, but only in an act he does for fun. Butch finds the most fun in the simplest of things, but mostly enjoys bus rides and to fight. He is very supportive and never really fights with his brothers unless messing with Boomer when being dumb.

Butch is very smart, and the most intelligent out of the three. He comes of as the most stoic, laid back member of the team.

Fighting StyleEdit

Butch's fighting style is defensive; consisting of blocks, evades, sets up and planning his attacks rather than full on aggression like Brick and Boomer. Used right, his physical attacks are used to deal devastating blows. His punches are the strongest, and he has more patience in battle than his brothers. He is the best fighter out of his team.

His signature move, an Energy Shield that absorbs ballistic energy attacks.

Simply, he wants to have as much fun in a battle as he can. Butch can be seen turning any regular fight into a fun game.


To be announced...


To be announced...

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