Dark Transformation is a Super form attained through extreme anger felt by good-hearted people. It seems that this also negates any anger-fueled Saiyan/Human transformation, but this is unclear as of right now. While in this form, the user's hair (or spikes) stand on end and turn black. Some users of this form lose their pupils, but others merely gain red eyes. Also, their aura becomes an inky dark blue.

Usage and PowerEdit

It is currently unknown when the Dark form will exactly be used in the series, but it is scheduled to appear around the Redux-PPnK Sagas.

While in this form, the user's power is multiplied by 15 per Emerald used. The highest known maximum is 105 overall. This could change, what with the form's different transformation variations.

Known UsersEdit

  • JaLeah
  • Sonic(mentioned so far)
  • Luigi(not seen so far)


  • It can be noted there is an equal amount of negative and positive energy in the Chaos Emeralds, even though a Dark transformation can give the user a more intense power boost. Though this could be because the Emeralds are used for more positive things than negative.
  • The form uses darker variations of known Chaos abilites: Dark Chaos Blast, Dark Chaos Spears, Nega Control.
  • There is more than one way to unlock the Dark Form.

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