Between Kaioken and Super Saiyan, there is the False Super Saiyan form.  Uses of this transformation so far have been in Ultima X(though it is unknown. Jerome stated he used a yellow Super form, though this could've been Super Saiyan),  in the last three into movies, Episode 24(blank pupils only), in Episode 35 and Episode 36.

Users so farEdit

  • Goku(In DBZ Movie 4: Lord Slug)
  • Corey
  • Drew
  • Zach
  • The RowdyRuff Boys(in intro 3 so far)
  • The Saiyan Shadows(in intro 5 so far)


The False Super Saiyan transformation multiplies the user's base level by x35 if used in a short burst. When mastered, his or her base level has increased forty-fold, as stated by Super Power Prof. in the Redux Saga.

Usage in Canon/Non CanonEdit

  • In Universe J-7, the False Super Saiyan transformation is scheduled to appear in the Redux Saga, but it is unknown when.
  • In Universe X-Z, a battle damaged Finn uses this transformation for the first time against the newly charged PPGs. Though, due to the time limit, he is only able to defeat Bubbles before reverting to normal.


  • It can be noted that much like it's successor series, the Saiyans in RRBZ will first mistaken the FSSJ with a Super Saiyan, since they've never seen a true one before.
  • Even though the Super form has a greater power increase than the False Super Saiyan, the gap in power between the Saiyans and Sonic cast makes it irrelevant.

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