Heather L. is a member of the Allied Scouting Defense Force(A.S.D.F.) unit from the Ultima Wars. Her backstory is currently a mystery, but it was briefly evaluated that she grew up with Rosemary and Britney.

G-5 BackstoryEdit

Heather was introduced in Ultima X: The Malachi Arc, allong with a few other new allies. It is noted she is a good spell-caster and can summon charms and energy when needed. In the PowerPunk Saga, she is seen in a Flashback when they remember encountering similar versions of the RowdyRuff Boys in the past. She was seen shooting energy attacks at a rock formation. She fought alongside Rosemary and Britney against RowdyRuff Prototype: Red. It is unknown what became of Heather after that battle, but it can be said she and Rosemary stayed in touch in the new world. She is scheduled to make a cameo in the Final Saga.


Heather has total control of the five main elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Lightning. It can be noted she wields it better than Genesis, Jalen, JaLeah and Dalexis. She can use those three elements to her advantage, but using only water and lightning in the battle in Episode 40.

  • Lightning Rod: Heather used this against RowdyRuff Red and Leone in battle once. She gathers electricity in the form of a sort of rod and can manipulate it to the best of her ability.
  • Ice Spike: Using her cyrokenetics, Heather can shoot ice from the ground and trap the enemy in ice. The finishing move she used against RowdyRuff Red.

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