JOE is the Prince of the Underworld(or Demon Prince) being the son of HIM, and younger brother to HER. Little hint is known of his power, though he is known to be stronger than his sister, who's been noted about in Episode 9 and Episode 20, by both Boomer and JaLeah. He's rumored to appear either in the Final Saga or a triple parted OVA. He's noted to be a Saiyan hybrid, half Saiyan half Demon, and he'll be able to become a Super Saiyan. He's two years older than the RowdyRuff Boys, being 15 years old. Although he is stronger than she is, JOE is trained in martial arts by his older sister, and is a fearsome being to come up against.


JOE is a young, yet strong humanoid, with a brown angular, Ace Ventura hairstyle. He wears a yellow muscule shirt, matching his wristbands and boots. He wears black sweatpants tied in place with a gray piece of cloth.


JOE is somewhat childish, but very playful with weaker lifeforms. Although he is extremely powerful, he tends to act very catlike, but is still very arrogant and confident of his own power. Although, JOE's strongest personality trait is his sense of self, always putting himself over others, no matter the situation.


His power surpasses that of the main villains: Bowser, Mecha Sonic, Power Prof., Omega Opp., the PPnKs and Boohoo by a long shot. This is hinted in a scene where JOE himself thrashes the villains in Hell before getting sent to Earth. JOE himself is said to be the strongest foe in the series. His 50% power matches that of the RowdyRuff Boys at Mastered Super Saiyan, but knocks them lose before they can use the SSJ2. It is currently unknown how strong JOE actually is, however.

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