JaLeah as she looks in the series.

JaLeah is the childlike member of the Saiyan Shadows and LUSS. She is noted to be the second youngest of the Saiyans, before Rosemary and under Dalexis. Not much of her past is noted before Ultima X, except for the fact that her adoptive parents aren't together.


JaLeah was given of to a nice family at birth, but due to how far the creator can go with these people, they were never gotten into. She, Britney and Dalexis teamed up with Genesis and Jalen to get Rosemary back from Vendro's grasp. In the final battle, she fought until the end against Vendro, as did Dalexis and Rosemary. When Dalexis was stabbed through the chest and left to die, JaLeah used the remainder of her strength and more to charge the Sister Saver and throw it at Vendro, who easily took it without harm. Due to her stamina being too drained, she and Dalexis were left to die, until Genesis came and teleported them all to OtherWorld to heal up.

After Genesis beat Vendro, they soon met the remaining heroes and helped them against the combined forces of Utonium, Bowser and Eggman.


JaLeah is seen to be really optomistic throughout the series, suffering from an unknown optomistic disorder. She's usually more active than the rest of her siblings, and certainly more hyperactive. It can be said her Ki and stamina use is the best of the Saiyan Shadows and second best of the team, behind Boomer. It can be noted when JaLeah holds a grudge, she becomes more of a "bitch" in Genesis' words. More the less, she is the bright-sided, kind-hearted, cheerful and optomistic one of the Saiyans.


Although she's very young, JaLeah is an extremely powerful fighter, being able to take down Leone during the Final Raid. She was also on one side of the Beam Barrage against RowdyRuff Blue, fightng alongside Kiara and Dalexis, showing she is a speed type of character. Her basic attacks may include:

  1. Kamehameha
  2. Masenko
  3. Sister Saver
  4. Water Based Attacks
  5. Water Form
  6. False Super Saiyan(controlled as of Episode 42)
  7. Super Saiyan(non canon so far)
  8. Kaioken(1-20 Fold)

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