Jalen as he looks in the series.

Jalen B. is the oldest fighter of the Saiyan Shadows and of all the Saiyan fighters. He appears in the first and third universes of RowdyRuff Boys Z one way or another. He is also a member of the LUSS, being second in command behind Leone. He tends to have a rivalry with the older one, as well.


Jalen was born in 1995 to the same Saiyan couple as Genesis and was shipped to another family as well. His family was a nice one, that lived in California for a few years before moving to Ohio temperarily. Along with Genesis, Jalen spent the first few years of his life not knowing he was a Saiyan, until he turned 8 years old and watched his adopted older brother train, wanting to spar as well. His brother at the time forgot to hold back and Jalen let loose some untapped energy. From then on, he asked his parents, and they informed him of his heritage. Unlike his new friend, Jalen merely shrugged it off and went on with his sports.


Jalen is a sort of laid back person, kinda like Genesis. He may tend to joke around a bit, but really serves to be Genesis' brother. He won't do much when a boring situation occurs, but it is noted he will get mad and shoot off when angered. Not much else is known about Jalen at this point, except he is very good at sports.


Jalen is a basic fighter and can use his fair share of Ki. He can manipulate wind, being that his main element. He is seen fighting off RowdyRuff Green along with Jt and Genesis, proving they are the Power group of the LUSS. His attacks include the following:

  1. Kamehameha
  2. Special Beam Cannon
  3. Final Flash
  4. Wind Based Attacks
  5. Wind Form(Ultima X only)
  6. False Super Saiyan(controlled as of Episode 42)
  7. Super Saiyan(non canon so far)
  8. Kaioken(1-20 fold)

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