Luigi as he appears in the series. Age: 25-27.

Luigi is the cowardly younger brother of Mario and a protaganist of the series.


Luigi and his older brother were born and brought to Yoshi's Island at a very early time. Ever since then they've grown up stopping Bowser and his troops. This went on until Lord Shade's attack, to which he used the Emerald Flame in order to save his brother(failed attempt however). Since the attack, he's lived with his older brother protecting the Mushroom Kingom until the events of RowdyRuff Boys.


Luigi is very timid and pacifistic, therefore he ends up becoming frightened and discouraged from fighting, much to his teammates' dismay. But ever since Lord Shade's attack, he knew he had to be strong for his brother and the Mushroom Kingdom and gets his momentary bursts of courage. Overwhelming enemies often frighten him. He shows his brave side in the series a lot, like on occasion when he'll be seen helping out Mario or Brando. He could be often seen as comic relief in the series. But his feelings are very realistic. Luigi is also considered to be compassionate, as shown throughout the series. He shows great love concern for his brothers as well, often helping and healing and reviving them when they are injured/killed.


Luigi has all of his abilities from the Mario games. He can jump higher than Mario, use his hammer for powerful physical attacks, use thunder and green fire, and uses power-ups. He also punches and kicks, and he fights much like his Super Smash Bros counterpart. He will team up with his friends to make some powerful attacks. When he does choose to fight, he is capable of fighting at a level equal to Mario and Brando. Luigi is known to have new hidden powers and known to be naturally a spell-type fighter. He uses a hammer like his brothers, and he also is a great jumper. He has a rushing attack where he runs at opponents and aimlessly swings his fists at them (like his dash attack in the Smash Bros. series). He also uses a powerful finisher, his Green Missile attack from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl. He can also use a Super Jump Punch that, while appearing differently from the Fire Jump Punch he possesses in the Smash Bros. series, is just as powerful and works in a similar fashion.

Forms and PowerUpsEdit

Luigi has the same varity of forms as his brothers, but uses 5 in total.

Fire Luigi: The same as Fire Mario. It is not known if he will use green fireballs instead of, as the Mario games are inconsistent in this regard. He can also wield the Thunder-Fire Fusion better than in his base and super forms. He is known to use this form pretty well, rivaling Mario's use.

Ice Luigi: The same as Ice Mario.

Cape Luigi:  Luigi enters this form by using a Cape Feather. Cape Luigi is capable of flying and is much stronger than normal Luigi with a 45 fold power boost.

Blight Luigi: A famous DoD(Dawning of Darkness) transformation that has adapted into the series well.

Super Emerald Luigi: Or Emerald Luigi. Luigi's "super form," identical to Sonic's transformation into Super Sonic. It can be assumed, however, that this is a much stronger form of Cape Luigi possibly with new abilities as well. To achieve this form, Luigi needs the assistance of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

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