Malachi Lexano Andears is a Mastered martial-artist created from Dalexis' smart-mouth and anger issues, as well as Genesis' laid-back nature and agression. Malachi wants nothing more than to be the most powerful Saiyan alive and for his originals, who he sees as parents, to see him as an achievement. Despite being half-female, Malachi is often considered a "he" and lacks eyelashes or any (phsycial)girl traits, really. He's a reccuring villain throughout the series. Since he was basically born from the seed of brother and sister(though unknown at the time), he has a big varitity of birth defects.


Malachi is no smarter than that of Genesis or Dalexis, although he has more common sense than his originals. He's very self-centered, only wanting to please himself in matters. Malachi is immature, sassy, laid-back and agressive. He also has a very short temper.


Malachi's been known to hold as much potential as that of any other Saiyan Shadow. He can manipulate Ki, levitate and move at hypersonic speeds. Most of his energy-based attacks have to do with darker variations of the Shadows' attacks. Some may include:

  • Nega Kamehameha
  • Nega Special Beam Cannon
  • Dark Final Shine
  • Deadly Bullet Volley

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