Mecha Shadow

Mecha Shadow posing.

Mecha Shadow is a main villain in the Mecha Saga and the strongest of the Mecha Quartet. His Chaos abilities rival that of Shadow's. 


Mecha Shadow is much like Mecha Sonic: obident to Eggman, cold and heartless, and a dastardly foe to go up against. The only possible difference between the two is that Mecha Shadow is more evil than Mecha Sonic, wanting to crush his allies under his feet instead of wanting to rule the world under Eggman's name. Mecha Shadow is by far the most menacing robot Eggman has ever created.


Mecha Shadow's abilities mirror that of Mecha Sonic's, only much faster and stronger. He can use his missle launchers to shoot and trap fire, laser blasts, etc. He puts more effort into his attacks than the rest of his team and loves a good challenge. He possesses the same Chaos abilities Shadow does, such as being able to sense Emeralds nearby, Chaos Control and Chaos Spears. Mecha Shadow is one to use a lot of brute force in his attacks. He can also use the Emeralds to turn into Super Mecha Shadow and Metallix Shadow. His main weakness is ice however.

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