Opp. Plutonium

Plutonium and Omega Opp.

Opressor Anderson Plutonium is a main villain in the Redux Saga. He is by far the smartest person in the series.


Opressor Plutonium is cold and collected. For the most part, he is your typical, reserved, refined diabolical evil scientist. Except when he is actually doing any of his 'experiments' that is when his crazy giddy side comes out. He admits he doesn't do anything for the 'benefit of humanity' he couldn't care less about 'the expansion of science' and to be frank 'evil kinda bores him'. He does what he does, simply because its just so damn AWESOME or to satisfy some idle curiosity.
"Hmm... I wonder how long I can keep someone alive while burning them alive."

Might be an idle curiosity.

"Interesting, anyone who digests this chemicals, gain literally explosive flatulence. Cool. Time to dump it in the city water supply."

Would be him doing something just because its cool. 

Beyond this his biggest difference from the Professor is that he doesn't make mistakes. He doesn't have accidents. He sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it and on purpose. This doesn't mean he is infallible, the unexpected can beat him, likewise often he is aware that sometimes he is rolling the dice. That an action only has like an 80% chance of success. But he tries to stay aware of exactly how it can go wrong so he can prepare for that eventuality.

His motivations are to satisfy his curiosity and sheer entertainment.

He never makes mistakes, never has accidents and holds no delusions. He is always right.


In Episode 27, he battled the RowdyRuff Boys in his own powersuit, black and red in color. He was holding the Gray Chaos Emerald, giving him the basic Chaos abilities needed to match the Boys' Kaioken x20. Just like Power Prof., Omega Opp. can manipulate the power of Chaos into whatever form of power he desires. Techniques may include:

Chaos Arrow, Chaos Spear, Chaos Lance, etc. It is currently unknown if he can unlock the Super form, let alone the Hyper form. But time will tell in the Redux Saga.

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