Prof. Utonium

Professor Utonium.

Professor Antonio Utonium is the main villain of the Redux Saga. He is from the Powerpuff Girls series, however, in this series, he is evil rather than good.

Biology Universe J-7Edit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Utonium's early life, except that he often argued with his older brother, Opressor Plutonium.

Making the SuperbeingsEdit

Before the School Wars broke out, Utonium's grandfather created the original designs for the PowerPuff Project, after selling out Gerald Robotnik to GUN. Soon enough, he was sent the blueprints for them, along with the first models. Soon enough, he created his own prototypes, which were used to try and destory the NESF, but it failed horribly. He then put the Girls' production on hold.

School WarsEdit

During the School Wars, Utonium was a mad scientist that sided against the government in the conflict. He partnered himself with Dr Gero and they built battle droids, using them as infantry. Eventually, they created the Super School and Proto-Metal Sonic. When the Saiyan Trio attacked the Super School, the mad scientists activated Proto-Metal Sonic and watched as Corey engaged in combat with him. When Corey transformed into a False Super Saiyan they made holographic projections of themselves and fled, knowing what Corey may do to them.

Heritage Saga(EEnE Z)Edit

His plans for revenge manifest in the form of Kevin, one of the Eds' friends. At first, he would have let him be, but the instant he saw Corey was sided with the Eds, his bigger plan unfolded. Kevin was used for the first six episodes, during which he began to make a power suit. In Episode 5, it is revealed he got his first Chaos Emerald. In Episode 7, Utonium gains the trust of Townsville, while at the same time making sure the town thinks that the Saiyans are at fault. From Episodes 8 to 10, he strikes down innocents, among them Peter Jones and Jonny 2x4. In Episode 8, he fought and defeated Shadow offscreen for the Green Chaos Emerald.

Though Goku states he could stop him very easily, he chooses not to, even as Utonium completes his collection. In Episode 11, he fights Corey and Drew, along with the Eds, each of them using the Kaioken x10. The tables quickly turn, however, when in the following episode, he assumes his Super form. However, in his rush for revenge, he is able to use a small fraction of the Emeralds' true power. It is still enough, however, to defeat the Eds and Corey and Drew using the Kaioken x20.

The tables turn once more, however, when Corey and Drew, aided by King Kai, use telepathy to gain energy from all over the world. Utonium's energy, however, continues to decline. The scientist is now smacked around by Kaioken x12 Corey and Drew, powered up with the help of the Earth's people (minus Townsville). In desperation, he uses the Revenge Death Ball attack, gathering hate from the unemployed teachers and Townsville. Corey and Drew eventually, with the help of the Eds, manage to blast him away with the Cousins' Kamehameha. He is presumed dead by the heroes, though Corey and Drew don't believe so: "Evil scientists are harder to squash than cockroaches."

Power Prof.Edit

Power Prof. is Utonium's alter ego, just as evil as the scientist himself.  He assumes this identity when he gets all seven Chaos Emeralds in Episode 30. His techniques involve using the powers of Chaos in his suit. The color of his aura and energy is gray/white, much like the first Chaos Emerald he found. His techniques are based and named from Shadow's moves. It is noted that Utonium has rebuilt his powersuit from four years ago when he created it to defeat Corey, Drew and the Eds. The Power Prof. persona was brought back due to Utonium's sanity being now gone and stating he is not that "old lab professor who let mere Saiyan monkeys foil his plans."


Utonium is callous, insane and ruthless. He will hold a grudge as many years as it takes to get even. A major example would be his hatred against the Saiyans in the series. Unlike his canon counterpart, who practically does nothing but experiment with chemicals and substances ninety percent of the time, the other ten percent being spending time with the PPGs, he seems to be more focused on his work, practically because his desire for vengeance is extremely strong.


As Utonium is a regular human, he can fight quite well in his powersuit. Techniques may include:

Chaos Control, Chaos Arrow, Chaos Spear, Chaos Lance, Chaos Bolt, Chaos Blast, Chaos Beam, and Revenge Death Ball.

He can also use the Super Form to it's extent, and create his own artifical Hyper Form.

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