Super Saiyan is an advanced transformation entered by a member of the Saiyan race when they are confronted with extreme stress or rage. Though it has not been seen in Universe G-5 canon or Universe J-7 canon as of yet, it has been documented that all the living Saiyans can access this transformation in Universe RRBZ-2 canon, Boomer being the first to use it.

However, in many of the J-7 universe's non-canon stories, Genesis, Brick, Butch and Boomer have been shown to use this form. It is marked prominently by the golden aura surrounding the fighter, his or her hair spiking up and turning a yellowish or gold color to match, and his eyes becoming a greenish color. The aura itself flows as though it were a flame. Although it varies to that of the RowdyRuff Boys.


This transformation is generally accepted as multiplying the user's power by 50, though certain fan material has increased this multiplier to as high to 100-possibly to compensate for a high Kaioken level usage. However, upon mastery of this form, power level goes even higher by J-7 physics, going up to 300 when mastered.

Canon UsageEdit

To be announced...

Non-Canon UsageEdit

Genesis and the RRBs were seen using the Super Saiyan transformation in the non-canon W.I.P. second universe of RRBZ. The Cousin Trio have been shown to use this form as well.

Universe J-7 UsersEdit

  1. Brick (non-canon so far)
  2. Butch (non-canon so far)
  3. Boomer (non-canon so far)
  4. Genesis (non-canon so far)
  5. Jalen (non-canon so far)
  6. JaLeah (non-canon so far)
  7. Dalexis (non-canon so far)
  8. Britney (non-canon so far)
  9. Rosemary (non-canon so far)
  10. ??? (non-canon so far)
  11. Goku
  12. Corey
  13. Drew
  14. Zach


  • In this series, as well as the original DBZ series, the Master Super Saiyan form is the highest form of power in where the Saiyan user can control his/her power and emotion.
  • In this series, the Super Saiyan is more harder to achive and control than in DBZ. (RRBZ) FSSJ:SSJ as (DBZ) SSJ:SSJ2.

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