PowerPunk Girls

The PowerPunk Girls.

The PowerPunk Girls are the main antagonists of the PPnK Saga. They're never seen in their respective series, but in this universe, their born with pure evil.

The PunksEdit

The PowerPunk Girls are female versions of the RowdyRuff Boys created by Oppressor Plutonium. They are young, twisted monsters that serve their own personal purposes. Not much else is known about them currently.

Berserk: The leader. She's the brains and the boss of the group. Berserk is prideful, evil and impulsive, thinking of herself higher than others. Her short temper and vain attitude make her a deadly foe.

Brat: The dummy of the group. She may seem naive, but is lethal, and manipulative when her needs aren't met. Brat is rowdy, obnoxious and vindictive all together, but is the most cowardly.

Brute: The brawn of the group. She's violent and deadly in battle, making her a very scary foe. Brute is calm, cruel yet most strived for combat. She fights mainly to overpower her opponents.

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