Zails activating his Hurricane Form.

Zails is the Tails clone of the Cloned Trio. He is the weakest of the three.

Section headingEdit

Zails is known to be very wise, or noted as a wise-ass by Redonic and Krunckles. He is known to be very bold, charging into the fray with bravery and determination. He's very smart, having an I.Q. of 120, though Redonic quite smarter.


Wind/Weather Control: Zails can control the flow of wind, lightning, thunder, rain, etc. to his whim.

Spell Casting/Charms: Studying from a Spellbook, Zails can cast charms and spells against foes and can cast healing spells.

Hurricane Form: Zails' Super form. In it, his control over spells and weather increases.

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